The protagonist, a brilliant and focused scientist, is driven by her passion for uncovering the mysteries of the universe.

Silva is a solitary figure, preferring to work alone and keep to herself. She has always been more comfortable with research and data than with people and struggles to open up and connect with others. Her past traumas have left her with a sense of detachment and a deep fear of vulnerability.

Despite her aloof demeanour, Silva is passionate about her work and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Her brilliance has led her to create a revolutionary piece of machinery that keeps her alive but also ties her to it and makes her dependent on its constant maintenance.

As Silva embarks on the expedition to Ghost Island, she is initially hesitant to join the crew and interact with them. However, as she journeys deeper into the unknown, she begins to form a bond with her fellow explorers and learns to trust and rely on them. Throughout the story, Silva finds herself caught in a love triangle with two of her fellow explorers, Jackson and First Mate Garcia, which makes her vulnerable and conflicted.

A rugged and weathered seafarer with a sharp mind and a sharper tongue.

He is the kind of man who has seen it all and is always ready for the worst but has a soft spot for his crew and those he considers his own. Despite his gruff exterior, he has a strong sense of honour and loyalty and will do anything to protect those he cares about. His skills as a navigator and captain are unparalleled, and his reputation at sea precedes him. However, despite his many talents, Jackson is haunted by a deep regret from his past. He lost his wife and child to a tragic accident at sea many years ago and has never been able to forgive himself for their deaths.

The pain has driven him to become fiercely protective of his crew, almost to a fault. He takes risks and puts himself in danger to keep his crew safe, sometimes even at the cost of his own life. This pain has also made him reluctant to get close to anyone again. He has had his fair share of romantic encounters, but nothing serious or long-lasting. However, when he meets Dr. Silva, he finds himself drawn to her in a way he can’t explain. He sees in her a kindred spirit, someone who shares his love for adventure and discovery, but also senses a deep pain in her that he recognizes all too well. He is wary of getting involved with her, knowing that it could put his crew and mission at risk, but can’t help the growing feelings he has for her.

A man of many talents. He was born and raised in a small coastal town in Spain, where he developed his love for the sea and all things maritime.

From a young age, he showed an aptitude for navigation and sailing, and by his teenage years, he had already secured a position on a commercial cargo ship. Over the years, Garcia has worked his way up through the ranks, earning the respect of his peers and the admiration of his superiors. As a First Mate on the expedition to San Borondón, Garcia brings his years of experience and expertise. He is a skilled navigator and a natural problem-solver, able to think on his feet and adapt to any situation. He takes his responsibilities seriously, ensuring the ship and crew are safe and well-cared for. His easy charm and quick wit make him a popular crew member, and he has formed close bonds with several of his colleagues. He is known for his practical jokes and ability to diffuse tense situations with a well-timed joke or quip. However, there’s a serious side to Garcia. He can be stern and focused when the situation calls for it. Despite his confident demeanour, Garcia can be guarded about his past.

There are rumours among the crew that he may have a criminal record or a shadowy past, but no one has ever been able to confirm these rumours. Garcia remains tight-lipped about his personal life, preferring to stay focused on the task at hand. One person who has caught Garcia’s eye is Dr. Silva. The two have a natural chemistry, with Silva drawn to Garcia’s confident demeanour and easy charm. However, Garcia is reluctant to pursue a romantic relationship with her, knowing it could complicate their working relationship and the group dynamic.

A woman in her late 20s with a petite frame and a reserved demeanour.

She wears her curly brown hair in a messy bun and often has her nose buried in a book. Despite her quiet nature, Lopez has a sharp intellect and a dry sense of humour that can catch her companions off guard. Growing up in a small town, Lopez spent most of her childhood exploring the nearby woods and fields, developing a fascination with the history and culture of her homeland. This fascination led her to pursue a degree in archaeology, and she has since become an expert in pre-Columbian South American cultures. However, Lopez tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, often leading to awkward moments with her colleagues. She struggles with social interactions and feels out of place among her more outgoing companions. While Lopez is eager to uncover the mysteries of the ghost island, she is also dealing with a sense of insecurity and jealousy towards Dr. Silva, who seems to have captured the attention of both Captain Jackson and First Mate Garcia.

Lopez constantly compares herself to Silva and worries she is not good enough to be part of the team. Despite her insecurities, Lopez is a valuable member of the expedition, bringing her expertise in archaeology and meticulous attention to detail to the search for the ghost island. She desires to uncover the truth about the island’s past and prove her worth as a team member. Her jealousy towards Silva creates tension among the group, leading to a love triangle that threatens to tear the expedition apart. As the journey continues and the island’s mysteries begin to unravel, Lopez must confront her insecurities and learn to trust in her abilities to help save the expedition from disaster.

A man in his late 40s with a tall, imposing build and a sharp, calculating gaze.

He exudes an air of confidence and authority that can be commanding and intimidating. Despite his charm and affability, there’s a sense of underlying darkness and secrecy to his persona that hints at a hidden agenda. Rodriguez has a distinguished academic background, with a doctorate in history from a prestigious university. He has published several acclaimed books on South American history and is well-respected in academic circles. However, his true motivations are not purely academic, and he has been known to bend the truth to further his interests. When Captain Jackson approached him with the opportunity to join the expedition to the ghost island, Rodriguez saw a chance to pursue his agenda and gain access to the secrets of the island.

Rodriguez has reasons for wanting to uncover the island’s mysteries and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals. As the journey to the ghost island progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Rodriguez’s true intentions are not aligned with the rest of the crew. He uses his academic credentials and knowledge of history to manipulate the team and further, his interests, causing tension and conflict among the group. As the expedition delves deeper into the secrets of the ghost island, Rodriguez’s true nature is revealed and he emerges as a surprising and formidable antagonist. His ultimate goal, and the extent of his involvement in the mysteries of the island, remain a mystery until the explosive final act, where the truth is revealed and the expedition is forced to confront the consequences of Rodriguez’s actions.