Franchise Development

The Curse of Ghost Island Film

The first film will set the foundation for a series of sequels that delve deeper into the history and mythology of the island, revealing new mysteries and uncovering new dangers. The characters can continue to evolve and develop as they face new challenges and confront the unknown.

Redemption at Sea TV Series

Excitingly, the first season of the “San Borondon” television series is also in the pipeline. Set in the adrenaline-fueled 16th century, it promises an immersive experience for lovers of pirate lore and adventure. Echoing the swashbuckling spirit of franchises like “Pirates of the Caribbean,” this series will provide a fresh perspective on our narrative universe while adding depth to the overarching lore.

San Borondon Video Game

Adding another exciting layer to our franchise plan is the development of a “San Borondon” video game. This interactive platform will allow fans to explore the island and its mysteries first-hand, creating an immersive experience that complements the film and television narratives.

Spin Offs

The franchise will also explore spin-off stories, such as prequels that delve into the history of the island and its ancient cultures, and side stories that follow other explorers who have ventured to the island over the years.


A range of “San Borondon” merchandise is also in the pipeline, enabling fans to engage with the franchise on a personal level, bringing a piece of this expansive universe into their everyday lives. We aim to build a multifaceted franchise that continually engages audiences, offering an ever-expanding narrative universe and deepening the understanding of our enigmatic island.